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We have immediate openings for cashier, deli and kitchen positions.

Full time, part time and after school hours available.

Please do not call

Instead please follow these instructions to apply:

1. Download, rename and fill out the Editable PDF Job Application below.



2. Apply in person with your completed job application.


3. You can also email your attached and completed job application to

Here's some more information about working at Lambert's in Sandwich.

The goal at Lambert's Farm Market is to provide a friendly, helpful and upbeat environment that makes our customers feel at home.

As an employee of Lambert’s in Sandwich, you’ll get to know our valued regular customers and their families as we maintain an atmosphere that welcomes and makes them want to return time and time again.

Basic enthusiasm and professionalism combined with a good sense of humor and a friendly, relaxed style as well as an attention to customer service, are the primary qualities we look for in our employees.

Starting pay ranges from $15.00 to $20 per hour, based on experience. We welcome all individuals, those who know the industry and those who want to learn the fun, friendly and fast paced grocery and deli business.


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