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Holiday Catering,
Christmas Day,
and New Year's Roasts 

available ANY TIME now through New Year's Eve


Order yours today!

 508 477-0655

We sell ONLY Certified Angus Beef®

Expertly Trimmed & Tied by Our Butcher.

Serving sizes may vary. Please ask for assistance.


Holiday Roasts


Prime Rib Roast - The Christmas Roast 
(1 Rib Section Serves 2; Up to 7 Ribs available per Roast)

$22.99 lb.

Tenderloin Roast

(Each Rib is approximately 4 lbs & serves 8 people an 8 oz serving each)

$29.99 lb

Boneless Rib Eye Roast
(Suggested Serving Size 1 lb. before cooking)

$24.99 lb.

Prime Boneless Spoon Roast
(Suggested Serving Size 1 lb. before cooking)
$12.99 lb.

Holiday Ham


Boar’s Head®
Sweet Slice® Boneless Ham

Voted The BEST Ham

(Approximately 6 lbs. 100% Yield)​

$11.99 lb.


Order yours today. Call 508 477-0655

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